Fundraiser: Green Villlage Dog

This 10-year-old doggie from Green Village was viciously attacked in her own yard and requires immediate medical attention!

She was rushed to the Langebaan Animal Hospital on Sleigh Street. Regrettably, her owners, who are pensioners, cannot afford all the necessary treatments đź’”

đź“Ł We urgently appeal for donations, no matter how small, to help us provide the medical care she desperately needs, as the procedures and healing process will require a substantial amount.

We kindly request that all donations for this cause be accompanied by the reference “Green Village dog” .

Donations can be made directly to Langebaan Animal Hospital or to our bank account.

Langebaan Animal Care Banking details:

First National Bank
Account Number: 624 354 15064
Branch Code: 250 655
Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ
POP: 083 396 7198
Reference: Green Village dog

Or, donate via payfast by clicking here

This is absolutely heartbreaking, but we’re hopeful that together we can give her the treatment she needs!

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