Changing the lives of countless stray animals since 1995.

Langebaan Animal Care (L.A.C.) is a rescue shelter for animals without homes or who are victims of cruelty in Langebaan and surrounding areas. , but we are also so much more.

We operate extensive fieldwork, clinics and community outreach programs to help provide care for the animals, and education and support for their owners.
Our fostering program and shelter provides care and support for dogs, cats and kittens.

We are continuing to grow and develop, playing an ever increasing role bringing care, rehabilitation and re-homing to animals in need, and sharing our vision with the community we serve.

Our Mission

To prevent neglect, abuse and cruelty to animals in our local area & to educate, advise, interact and share the special relationship between owners & pets in our community.

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First National Bank
Account Number: 624 354 15064
Branch Code: 250 655
Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ
POP: 083 396 7198

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Thank you to our community for your continued support.

Our ever-increasing role in bringing care, rehabilitation, and re-homing to animals in need cannot be achieved without you.

Our Committee

  • Chairperson & Secretary: Carol Macdonald
  • Vice Chairperson and Treasurer: Janet Scott
  • Fieldwork: Ella Groenewald
  • Adoptions & Fosters: Margie Bredenhann
  • Shelter: Jacqui Verkerk
  • Cattery: Lynn Grinaker
  • Walkers’ Representative: Natalie Pennel

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