The Rescue Mission of Donatella the Kitten

Patience and perseverance saved a life on 21 January 2024.

As soon as our volunteers were informed of a kitten stuck in a drain by Laguna Mall they jumped into action.

They day progressed into a long struggle as the temperature continued to increase while their rescue mission seemed almost impossible with all attempts made at coaxing the little kitten out of the drain came up empty handed.

The little kitten, later named Donatella, was finally rescued after a 2-day struggle and was safely placed into foster care.

The Weslander wrote a detailed article about this heartwarming success story

Thank you for each and every one involved in saving this little life, especially:

  • Langebaan Animal Care Volunteers
    (Lynn, Sanchia, Essie, Amelia Anita, Carol, Nelia, Biance and Emma)
  • Carinus from Comtel Communications
  • Jacques and his team from Lagoon Plumbing
  • Spur Laguna Mall
  • Laguna Mall Maintenance & Security
  • Zelda from Olifantskop Nursery

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