Sadly┬ámost of our classic Tabby cats are our “forgotten cats” in the cattery, because many people think they are “boring” because of their coat, but what many don’t know is that tabby cats are a special breed of cat.
Tabby cats have unique markings and with a distinctive “M” marking on its forehead and unique patterns on its body. Tabby cats are also affectionate and super intelligent. They are also known as the tigers of the litter.
Our boy, Tabby, is an independent male and loves to run around and lounge in the sun and on a high comfy spot. He portrays a lot of dominance in the pack and thinks he sometimes run the show. Tabby is one of our long stays. His sadly been with us since he was a teen.

Gender: Male

Approx DOB: unknown

Description: Tabby with squint eyes and red nose