Show some happiness for our boy, Happy!
He is a young male Rottweiler cross rescued in 2021. Happy is one of our longstays and is a very healthy boy that loves to run around.
He loves running on a leash as well as off the leash after some months of training with one of our dedicated volunteers. He is a quick learner and is responding well to his recall instructions.
He will fit in well with an active family who loves exercise and taking Happy on outdoor runs. Happy has no issues with other dogs, his a very socialized dog, but he will be the dominant one from the pack.
Happy is a very excited and playful boy. He loves playing with ropes, balls and his favourite, a small rubber tire. Once you have won his respect he will do anything for you.


Gender: Male

Approx DOB: 17/09/2020

Desciption: Black and brown medium size – Rottweiler X