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Making a Difference Since 1995

L.A.C.was formed in 1995 and was the brainchild of Lynne Mills and soon after joined by Charmian Godfrey. Together, they went from homing handfuls of animals in their own houses to the construction of a full shelter and an entire organization where, over the years, along with the subsequent volunteers that joined them, LAC has cared for many hundreds of dogs and cats.

LAC is now the mainstay of animal care in the Langebaan community and surrounding areas. We are more than just a shelter; we operate extensive fieldwork, clinics and community outreach programs to help provide care for the animals, and education and support for their owners.

We work with governmental bodies and law enforcement agencies to help bring about change in the way animals are treated. We encourage pet owners to sterilize their animals to help control the over population. We continually educate owners to encourage them to adhere to the relevant by laws and to the five animal rights.

We are continuing to grow and develop, playing an ever increasing role bringing care, rehabilitation and re-homing to animals in need, and sharing our vision with the community we serve.

Langebaan Animal Care (L.A.C.)is a rescue shelter for animals without homes or who are victims of cruelty in Langebaan and surrounding areas. We provide shelter, food, field work, medicine and rehabilitation. Our fostering program works well for dogs,cats and kittens. We have a shelter for a certain number of dogs, cats and kittens.

Volunteer Journey

Join Us in an Animal Welfare Journey

There are so many ways for you to help our pets in need in Langebaan. We always need donations to support us but as much as things and money help, we really need hands on deck to help give a future to our adorable and special animals.

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Our Mission

To prevent neglect, abuse and cruelty to animals in our local area & to educate, advise, interact and share the special relationship between owners & pets in our community.




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Our Commitee:

  • Chairperson & Secretary: Carol Macdonald
  • Vice Chairperson and Treasurer: Janet Scott
  • Logistics: Peter Op’thof
  • Fieldwork: Ella Groenewald
  • Adoptions & Fosters: Margie Bredenhann
  • LAC Shop: Lynette Op’thof
  • Shelter: Jacqui Verkerk
  • Cattery: Lynn Grinaker



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Why Adopt? Adoption is one of the most rewarding experiences, you are actually saving a life, giving that special orphan a second chance, letting them prove to us that it was humans that failed them through no fault of their own, its a win win situation! Be part of this amazing journey watching them bloom!

How Adoption Works…



Application Form

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We will ensure that the pet is introduced to you and any other family members (including pets) and that you are happy together.



Home Check

We will do a house check to insure that the pet you are adopting is the right fit for your home environment.

Adoption Cost
What’s Included
Adoption Cost

Adoption Cost:

  • R950 for a Female Dog | Puppy
  • R900 for a Male Dog | Puppy
  • R650 for a Cat | Kitten

These fees help us to cover the costs of caring for all the animals both in the shelter and those we support through our Fieldwork in the community.

What’s Included

What’s Included:

Every pet adopted from Langebaan Animal Care is:

  • Sterilized (or we will pay for the Sterilization of a puppy or kitten when it comes of age with the approved veterinarians).
  • Vaccinated
  • De-ticked and de-wormed
  • You will also receive advice and support to help your pet settle in.
  • Once they are at home, if you need any help or advice to provide your new Friend for Life with all the care they need just ask us.


We have the most adorable kittens in our kittery – by appointment only

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Our Cattery is such a peaceful sanctuary – please come to visit – by appointment only

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