How do I get a free MySchool card?

Get your free MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet card in one of 5 ways by:
1. Complete the application form available here and email it to
2. Download the MySchool App (Instant virtual card)
3. Applying online at
4. SMS the words “sign up” to 31231
5. Calling Client Services on 0860 100 445

How do I change my beneficiary?
  1. Log in to your profile online here or use our mobile app.
  2. Use your MySchool card number starting with 5900 0100
  3. Your password is your ID (unless you changed it)
  4. You can also contact MySchool via email or phone ( / 0860 100 445)
How do I link my Woolworths card to MySchool?

SMS “link” to 31231
Call Client Services on 0860 100 445